Absolut Vodka

Though having a drink named after her would suffice, Stacy would soon realize an entire bottle was dedicated to her

Over the summer, I was able to experience the pure joy of ordering Care-Of vitamins and Function of Beauty shampoo. Both companies offer services that embody every consumers dream - a personalized product tailored specifically to them. Not only was it fun to customize the ingredients for both shampoo and vitamin packs, but the packaging and personalization of both was the cherry on top. Opening the box to find my name on each shampoo bottle and a sheet with my information on it was next level. 


While packaging has always been a passion of mine (90% of my decision making when it comes to purchases is based off of the packaging alone), these two products really sealed the deal. From the ordering to the unboxing to the use of both Care-Of and Function of Beauty, the experience gave me the sense that both brands were giving me quality products that were for me, and only me. 

This made me want to think about other ways this service could be implemented into other products. Not everyone is into vitamins or paying more for custom shampoo, I think it is safe to say a good amount of people are into alcohol.



Absolut Vodka is a brand that is known for their fun, unique, and playful packaging. They give artists a stake in their bottles, produce limited edition designs, and have remained consistent in making their bottle a canvas for the world. Why not give their consumers the chance to design a bottle of their own? 


Absolut-ly Yours - the limited edition gift bottles for your friends and loved ones.

For a special time, Absolut will strip their bottles of their own name and allow their consumers to replace it with the names of their friends and family along with a short message. This can be done online through a microsite, or with the interactive billboards placed around popular cities with heavy foot traffic. Designs can then be drawn, placed on the front or inside-back of the bottle, and then sent to the recipient in a special box.